Galaxy Evolution and Environment - Scientific Rationale
Scientific Rationale

In the past decade, a vast amount of progress has been made in understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies. In particular, the question of whether these processes are driven by nature or nurture now has a fairly unequivocal answer: it is both. Indeed, it has become clear that any such division between intrinsic and extrinsic processes in galaxy evolution is rather artificial, since the two are inextricably linked. The purpose of this conference is to attempt to disentangle this rather complex coupling in order to understand how their interplay can lead to the rich and beautiful diversity of galaxies that we see in the Universe around us.

Conference Philosophy

Just as a distinction between nature and nurture can prevent us from taking a holistic view of galaxy evolution, so divisions between observations at different wavelengths and redshifts, simulations and theory can inhibit a full understanding of galaxy evolution. The aim of this conference is to synthesize these diverse lines of research by dividing the programme into astrophysical rather than astronomical strands. The intention is that speakers should place their own contributions in a broader context, in order to develop understanding of the individual underlying physical processes that shape galaxy evolution.

The University of Nottingham